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Top 5 Ways your Kitchen Can Add Value to your Home

September 23, 2022

Kitchens have evolved over the years, from being purely a work-space, closed off from other parts of the home and hidden behind doors. There was certainly nothing fancy or decorative about this room for cooking and cleaning - it was a work-horse space.

Fast forward and we've come to realise the kitchen is the heart of the home - the social hub.  A place to gather and take enjoyment from preparing food and delight in sharing the space with others.

So, why are kitchens so important these days when it comes to real estate?  What's important when in comes to resale value?

Homebuyers are looking for a kitchen in their prospective new home to tick all the boxes as replacing a kitchen can be an expensive and arduous task.

Quite literally your kitchen heavily influences the outcome of the sale of your property.  Here are my top 5 ways to add value to your home within your kitchen.

Open plan kitchen

One ~ The location of the kitchen within the home.  No longer hidden away, we want your kitchen to be front and centre, seamlessly blending with living and alfresco spaces.  These are the areas we tend to entertain our guests in so they must all flow well together.  A favourite line of mine from a favourite movie of mine ... "Nobody puts Baby in a corner' ... relate this back to your kitchen ... it belongs front and centre for all to enjoy!

U-shape kitchen

Two ~ Closely followed here by the layout of the kitchen.  Simply put, the kitchen is still a workspace so must function well.  This is where a trained kitchen designer can help as there are general rules to follow and many Australian standards to abide by.  If the space is awkward and unpractical, then your enjoyment within diminishes. The most popular kitchen layouts are 'one-wall', 'galley', 'l-shape' and in this image to the left, 'u-shape'. Unless you are knocking out walls and changing the structure of your space, there are usually constraints and restrictions which lead to choosing the best layout for your space.

Large kitchen

Three ~ Once function is established, form is next.  The design of your kitchen must look aesthetically pleasing to the majority of buyers.  When choosing colours and finishes, aim for longevity rather than what's trending at the time.  You may install a new kitchen with the aim to sell in five or so years time.  Think neutrals and natural finishes.  If colour is important to you, add it to your splashback as this can be replaced before going to market.

Quality kitchen

Four ~ Quality.  Ensure the products you are fitting out your kitchen with are premium products, built to last. The differences in quality are vast, so ask the right questions and it's true - you get what you pay for.  If something sounds unrealistically cheap then it's probably not worth investing in.  In saying that, quality kitchen products cater for all budgets, so don't be put off if yours is small. Know where to save and where to splurge.  Do your research and once again a trained kitchen designer knows what to look for.  A switched on buyer will see right through the pretty facade.

Storage in kitchen

Five ~ Storage and preparation space.  There's nothing worse than a kitchen that doesn't fit your needs.  Whether it be storage for larger-sized appliances or you have a vast collection of herbs and spices - we all want a kitchen that is well thought-out.  Love cooking or baking?  There are ways to maximise bench space in your design and things like this will be noticed by prospective buyers.  If you're planning on selling and want to do a kitchen renovation prior, think about who your target market is and build the kitchen for them.

I hope these pointers help you out whether you're buying, selling or thinking about upgrading your kitchen.

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