Interior Design

So, you're ready to transform your space? ... I offer custom kitchen, bathroom, laundry and built-in joinery design for any space in your home or business.  

Working closely with licenced builders, joiners and architects and remaining with you all the way from concept through to project completion, we will create a space that's not only efficient, functional and welcoming but specific to your requirements.  Standard designs just simply don't work for everyone.

As a qualified kitchen and bathroom designer, I will ensure quality products and services are selected and aim for longevity from my designs.  Thinking long-term will see your design last through any short-lived trends or changes in lifestyle.

Whether you have a new build happening down the track or are planning a renovation, my holistic approach to design looks at the complete space with the goal of achieving functional improvement, aesthetic enrichment and lifestyle enhancement.

Add value to your investment and save time and money by engaging my professional design service for your unique space. 

A 2 hour in-home initial consultation is $215.

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What is interior decoration?

Interior decoration is adding to the look and feel of an existing room by adding colour schemes, fixtures, fittings, furniture and accessories.

Whether you have a small or large space, we will tailor to your needs. It’s all

about you ... your lifestyle, your desires, your mood, your passion. Whether it be

pared back, simple and organic or quirky, bright and plush, the design is created

just for you.

You will receive a fully personalised floorplan, a sample board of recommended items and colour schemes for the space. 

A 2 hour in-home initial consultation is $215.

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Interior Decoration 



Need to revitalise or transform areas of your home? This service offers value for money and is available all over Australia.

E-design results in tailored concepts centred around you and your family meaning no two e-design services are the same.

No matter how many rooms you choose to redecorate, each one will be analysed determining ideas such as themes, colours, layouts, lifestyle, functionality and of course, your intended investment.

I am happy to work in with existing pieces focussing on complimentary products and materials.

Short on time to implement all of these wonderful ideas? Take a look at our product sourcing and supply service.

Prices start from $215 per room.

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Looking to up your game with your existing investment property or are starting out

from scratch, we can help you decorate to entice visitors to your property.


Your target market plays an extremely relevant role here, so I do all the

necessary research determining who will stay here, how will they want to use the

space and what items will they need to take full opportunity of the space. Of

course, comfort is key ... no good having a lovely welcoming space if the pillows

aren’t comfortable. All is taken care of here, right down to the toilet paper.

My overall aim is to achieve the best possible rent per week for your

investment and encourage repeat visits from loyal customers. They will be back if

the facilities suit their purpose and the experience was flawless.

A 2 hour onsite initial consultation is $215.

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Air BNB/Investment Property Styling


Product Source & Supply

Already know what you want but just don't have the time to hunt and gather?

Through my extensive catalogue of contacts and suppliers, I have access to quality, designer furniture and accessories that will complete your space. Many suppliers offer discounts if purchased through interior designers, so why not take advantage of this.

Let us do your shopping for you ...

Prices start from $190 per room.


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Yes! It’s tricky visualising which colours will work in your space, let alone choosing

from the myriad of colour samples available.

So many factors come in to play when choosing a colour scheme or a material/


Here, I take into account many factors such as how much light will enter

the space, who will use the space and how you want to feel in the space.

The right choices will completely transform your space so allow me to do the hard

yards and choose your colour schemes or finish selections.

I do interior colour schemes, exterior colour schemes (or both) and also material

and finish selections for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, etc.

An in-home initial consultation is $215 which may be all you need.  We can do paint or finish schedules starting from $49 per room.


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Colour Schemes and Materials &Finishes Selections