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What we do

Custom, Careful Design

My designs are tailored to your needs, wants and lifestyle requirements.  Custom joinery design throughout your home will ensure each space is practical, organised and aesthetically pleasing right down the the simplest and smallest of details.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Wardrobes & other specialised built-in joinery
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Why work with Coveco?

Save time & money

By engaging a designer at the beginning of your project you will save time and money.  I work closely with local architects, builders and joiners to gather quotes and implement your design. All with the aim to deliver the most value for my clients.

Designed for you

Every detail in your design is curated for you and your personal needs. Your dream space will become a reality.

I will guide you

I realise that you are making an investment with the prospect of adding value to your home and improving your lifestyle. I will help advise you through the project where to spend and where to save.

Our Process


Initial Consultation including Client Brief

We meet to discuss your project. This allows us to get to know each other and collect necessary information such as plans, measurements, photos and chat about themes, budget and timeframe. The cost of this meeting is $205 including GST and is credited toward your project.


Design Proposal

Once we’ve had our initial consultation, I will compile a design proposal. It it is an itemised quote outlining the scope of work and design services required for your project.


Return Brief

So that we are beginning your project on the same page, I email you a return brief for you to sign off.


Concept Design Proposal

This comes in the form of simple, draft design solutions and may include inspiration images, a draft materials and finishes board, draft floorplan, etc. It’s beneficial to come together at this stage or organise a phone meeting for further discussions.


Concept Design Presentation

Once our proposal is signed off, I compile the necessary documentation to present for tender or quotes.



I will then help you gather quotes by emailing our chosen local trades and remain here to advise throughout your project.


You may be wondering...
How much is an initial consultation?

The fee for our first meeting is $205 including GST for up to 2 hours.

How should we prepare for the initial consultation?

Have any documentation such as plans & measurements at the ready. Gather inspiration images and think about elements such as themes, colours, styles, & features. The more information you offer will assist us in achieving a great outcome.

Do you need to see the space?

No, especially if it is a renovation or new build, we can work from plans. We can also carry out consultations over zoom at a convenient time.

Is there a particular style you specialise in?

I design for you and your unique requirements. Our designs are not a one-size fits all. I am familiar with a wide range of interior styles and themes.

What are the benefits of hiring a designer over just going direct to carpenter?

An interior designer will research your project holistically and in great detail. Every element is taken care of in our designs right down to the simplest detail. This way you are armed with working drawings ready for quotation from a number of companies. You will be comparing apples with apples. The process is quick and easy.

Let's get your space looking great!
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