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Six Most Common Desires For Your New Kitchen

June 14, 2023

I've designed a lot of kitchens and there are specific items or design details that customers are requesting over and over. This blog isn't about the function and practicality or the general layout of a new kitchen, it's about items of convenience or aesthetic pleasure that customers are asking for.

Read on here to learn about the top 6 common requests that I personally receive, counting backwards from number six to the stand out feature at number one.


6. Pull out bins ~ so convenient!

Yes, they do take away from storage space but are so practical - once you have them you can never go back! Bins on the floor or under the sink just won't cut it anymore. Imagine just being able to scrape your mess straight from the bench into the bin. When designing, I generally place them as close to the sink, dishwasher and meal preparation area as possible. They are generally a set of two; one for rubbish, one for recycling.


5. Internal pantry drawers ... great organisation!

Nothing equals ease-of-use more than drawers inside a pantry. Usually only three or four are needed but it really steps up the ability to organise the space well and to see everything at a glance. No more rummaging to get to the back of the pantry. As a matter of fact, most of my customers insist on having drawers wherever possible over cupboards. Doing this is extremely practical but will add a few more dollars to the cost of your new kitchen. Well worth the extra I say!


4. Sink without drainboard ... more bench space!

If you are thinking about maximising bench area, then it makes sense to purchase a single or double bowl sink without a drainboard. By doing this you are gaining 400-500mm back on your bench space. This can be detrimental in a small-sized kitchen where bench space is minimal.


3. Corner shelf system ... easy access!

Corner cupboards definitely rate at number one on the most annoying part of a kitchen list! There are ways to optimise these dreaded corners and make better use of the space. There are two common types of corner cupboards; bi-fold and corner return. A bi-fold corner cupboard can have an accessory added called a lazy susan carousel whilst for a corner return cupboard you would add a Le Mans II Set (shown above). Both of these systems simplify accessibility into the far reaches of the corner and must be installed at the same time as the kitchen so remember to add them to your order. They are not an after-market purchase.


2. Engineered stone bench tops ... looks great!

Coming in a close second are engineered stone bench tops, also known as reconstituted stone. Some popular brands you may have heard of are Caesarstone, Smartstone and Quantum Quartz. Engineered stone bench tops are highly durable, cost effective and give a high-end feel to your kitchen. They are a worthy investment and in some cases, customers on a tight budget will compromise on other elements of the kitchen allowing them to purchase the stone. The variety of finishes and price points make it a great option and is a hugely popular choice here in Australia.


Number 1 ... Island bench!

The most common request I receive is "Do I have room for an island bench?" After a quick measure up of the space, this can be easily determined but they do require an adequate space on each side for clearances and thoroughfares. Customers are wanting to ditch the breakfast bar and 'open up' the space for easier flow in and out. Doing this will also eradicate the annoyance of a corner cupboard. The island bench also makes for a potential design element with possibilities of adding visual interest or contrast to the kitchen.

If you are in the throes of planning a new kitchen, some or all of these may have popped up in your discussions. If not, they are worth some consideration.

Every kitchen is unique and as a designer I work with the space I'm given and always establish a functional space first. Physically walking in the space and examining how I would use it is the very beginning of planning a kitchen.

Designing kitchens is my absolute passion and I would love to help you with yours!

Be sure to fill in the contact form and I will give you a call.

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