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How Much is a Kitchen?

April 4, 2023

I get asked this question a lot and there is no solid answer here. With so many wonderful products on the market with varied quality and price-points, it's difficult to speculate. Each and every kitchen is unique, not only in size but also with its very own set of constraints. As a kitchen designer, these constraints guide the layout of our design. I'm talking walls, windows, doorways, ceiling heights, services, etc.

If you haven't already, have a read of 'So, You're Ready To Invest In A New Kitchen' before this one as they will make more sense if read in the correct order.

Let's break down each essential cost in building a kitchen and discuss the ways in which it can effect pricing ...

One ~ Cabinetry

This essential cost is your cupboards, drawers, panels, kickboards, bulkheads, etc. The joinery component.

The ways in which this price can vary is in the chosen finish ie, satin, gloss, matt, etc and the quality of the substrate boards.

Expect to pay more for quality. Quality will be a determining factor in nearly every decision you will make regarding your kitchen. When paying extra for quality, we expect that it is also a more durable, hard-wearing product, less likely to die an early death. Quality should equal longevity - invest the extra now and you will reap the rewards by not having to replace the product earlier than anticipated. Quality products will also be backed up with a warranty - worth looking into and comparing.

How can I save?

As a general guide, a low-sheen satin finish door will cost less than say a matt or gloss door.

Two ~ Bench Tops

It can be worthwhile to invest a little more here if your property type and target market have the expectation.

A budget-friendly option is laminate. A product which has improved in quality over time and is durable if looked after with common sense ie, do not chop your onions or put hot pans on it! Many choices in colour/finishes and readily available from Australian manufacturers.

A step up from laminate and probably the most common choice here in Australia is engineered stone. Highly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean/maintain with plenty of finishes available. You can expect the cost of engineered stone bench tops to be at least double that of the equivalent amount of laminate. Each company will have varied price-points for different finishes.

Consider your budget here ... is this a spend or save item for you?

Some other choices for bench tops include porcelain, natural timber or natural stone.

How can I save?

Won't settle for anything less than engineered stone? ... stick with a finish from the lowest price level.

Three ~ Splashbacks

Or, backsplash in America!

A splashbacks' purpose is to protect the walls from stains or damage. It extends from the bench top upwards to the overhead cabinets.

The most budget-friendly option here is tiles. With almost unlimited choices, the price you pay is up to you. Remember to budget for install & grout, etc.

Other options include porcelain, glass, engineered stone with natural stone being the most expensive option.

How can I save?

Find some end-of-line or discontinued tiles from your local tile store at a discounted price. Be sure to order more than you need.

Four ~ Appliances

As a general rule of thumb with appliances, you get what you pay for. Lower priced items may not have as good quality or as many functions as an item with a higher price.  It essentially comes down to your personal needs and budget.

When fitting out a high-end kitchen or renovating to sell, look for trusted brands embracing new innovations such as easy cleaning functions or smart operating systems. Stick with one brand for ease-of-use and a streamlined look.

How can I save?

Shop around for appliances as prices vary from store-to-store. Look for sales or ask for a package deal. Most stores are happy to oblige if they know you will be purchasing a bundle for your new kitchen.

Five ~ Installation

It's not uncommon for this important cost to be forgotten. All these items mean nothing if you so not have them installed. I don't understand why this is generally seen as an annoying 'extra' cost but I cannot tell you enough how valuable a good installer will be to you. They have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your products function as intended!

Always check your tradies are licenced and insured and feel free to shop around for quotes. You will know when you have met the right person for the job.

Some trades you will need for a kitchen fit-out are; builder/joiner, electrician, plumber, plasterer and tiler.

How can I save?

If you are replacing your old kitchen, ensure you utilise the current services layout. Keep the sink in the same location to avoid extra plumbing costs and keep electrical items in the same location to avoid extra electrical costs.

I hope these five budgeting tips have helped you in setting the foundations for your new kitchen journey.

If you've never built a new kitchen before, use these as due diligence before sitting down with your designer.

Ready? Give me a call to start building your dream kitchen.

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