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Meet Coveco


The name ‘Coveco’ was born from two relevent words unified;

The ‘cove’ - a sheltered shoreline or nook, our interiors are our shelter.

‘Eco’ - a vision to focus our design intent around sustainability through longevity, durability, cost & energy efficiency.  We support companies with a commitment to sustainability.

Cove - Eco

Founded to pursue a passion in Interior Design

My name is Sharyn Kidd, I established Coveco in 2017 to offer my knowledge and expertise in designing beautiful and well-thought-out residential interiors.  My true passion lies in the creation of kitchens with heart and soul.

“With so much time spent in the kitchen, it’s important we make this time enjoyable and easy.  Kitchens today are at the front and centre of your home - why not make it a feast for the eyes, a pleasure to be in and a super functional work space”.

Sharyn Kidd

Our Values


I value your time and am truely grateful that you chose to work with me. There’s no doubt I get just as excited as you about your new project and genuinely want the best possible outcome for you.
With professionalism and patience, I will gain an understanding of your needs and in turn provide knowledge and expertise with the aim of exceeding all expectations. In short, I believe in offering great service because honestly, why not?!


I believe in remaining genuine and authentic in everything I do. By keeping lines of communication open and honest we are able to develop a mutual trust and respect. Collaborating with care and ethical behaviours is important.


It’s not all serious!! Although I maintain a high level of commitment and professionalism I also have a lot of passion for the creative process and enjoy having fun along the way. Apparently having fun in the workplace increases productivity and keeps us sane - that’s a must for me!

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