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Hi! I'm Sharyn

I'm a Kingscliff based interior designer and the owner of Coveco Interior Design.  I am very excited to offer my personalised design and decoration services for your home or small to medium sized commercial projects (office, restaurant, cafe, etc).

I am a fully qualified Interior Designer & Decorator having studied a Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration (2017), as well as a Certificate IV in Design of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces (2019).  With a passion for kitchen and bathroom design, my designs are tailored to meet your requirements, desires and lifestyle.  A successful design should not only look amazing but will function well, right down to the smallest detail.  I work closely with local builders, joiners and architects to achieve implementation of your unique design.

The name Coveco (Cove - eco) represents the 'cove' a sheltered nook or shoreline, whilst 'eco' refers to sustainable elements delivering longevity, durability, cost efficiency and energy efficiency. With my expertise, knowledge and passion I will create your special sheltered space whilst nurturing our planet and its delicate future.  

Your special place is all about you and your lifestyle.  Whether you are refurbishing, renovating, building or fitting out a space, all my designs are customised for you and your personal vision and in keeping with your design parameters.  With a holistic approach to design, I will ensure the best possible solution is achieved for your project.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be based in beautiful Kingscliff, NSW and service regions from Byron Bay, NSW right up to Brisbane, Queensland.

We're committed to being environmentally sustainable

What is sustainability?

Sustainability, put simply, is the management and control of the depletion of our
natural resources on a local and global scale.

Why is it so important to manage this?

In order to maintain a healthy environment and balanced social and economic
systems for many, many years to come. We all want to be healthy and breathe
clean air right?

How can I, as an interior designer, play my part in sustainability?

There are so many ways, but here are a few that I aim for;

Making energy efficient choices - much thought goes into the materials and
products I choose. Think long-lasting LED downlights, energy ratings on
appliances, made in Australia products, or even better, locally made ...
Conserving resources - I keep check on the sustainability practices of the
companies I buy from.
Recycling of waste - Think demolition here! Consideration into the correct
disposal of waste and recycling products and materials where possible.
Reduction of emissions - I will always choose a product (such as paint or
varnish) with low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) over one with
VOC’s, allowing for improved air quality.

We also want our products to offer longevity, you are investing your hard earned $$ here.

Longevity equals less landfill too. This may mean choosing natural,
neutrals over trending colours and themes which will come and go. What’s not to love about
a mission brown, burnt orange and lime green kitchen hey?!!