The Gap E-Decoration

July 2020

High on a hill with fabulous views across The Gap, this huge home with 1980's flair needed her beautiful features to be worked with, not against. Boasting enormous raked ceilings and dark, interior brickwork the combined dining room and living room was craving more natural light to bring back that welcoming feeling. In this instance, by removing the heavy feature curtains and pelmets, we were able to allow more natural light to enter as well as promote a feeling of wider, more open spaces. 

Our decorating theme was loosely based on Industrial Farmhouse.  The farmhouse side is warm and comforting with colours, textures and fabrics, while the industrial side is raw and edgy with timber and steel.  They balance each other perfectly!  This theme has allowed the timber vaulted ceilings and brickwork to shine and remain the grounding features of these rooms.  Another main objective here was to unite the two separate spaces to create seamless flow and balance.  We did this by melding the two separate zones with similar finishes on the furniture and incorporating one colour theme throughout.

Below you will see I have given my client two artwork choices; ocean blues or blush florals.  It is very important to choose one or the other here as this will make for good flow between the two spaces.  Artwork choices are very personal and while I'm happy to recommend and choose pieces for my clients, I always ensure that the art possesses something that resonates with its owner.  Narrowing the choice down to a few very important elements such as colours, themes, mediums, size, etc, as well as encouraging my clients to support their local artists is also high on my list.

The Gap Concepts  a.jpg
The Gap Concepts c.jpg
The Gap Concepts b.jpg
The Gap Concepts d.jpg