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What's Hot In Kitchen Design & Technology

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Looking for the latest innovations in appliances and products for your current kitchen project?

Today I'll share with you some new products on the Australian market that aim to make your life easier, more organised and offer super convenient features.

Seamless Cooking

Can't decide between a gas or induction cooktop? Well, now you can have both. Combination induction and gas cooktops are a great option if you are torn between the two choices but also want to have versatile cooking options. Ilve and Asko both offer 90cm cooktops while other companies such as Miele and Fisher & Paykel offer combination options allowing you to mix and match to suit your personal needs.

Appliances Working Together

Bosch has released an induction cooktop and matching rangehood that communicate via a wireless module. Surely I'm not the only one that forgets to turn on my rangehood whilst cooking up a storm? No need to worry anymore; these two best mates have your back! The Series 8 Wall-Mounted Rangehood automatically switches on when you turn on your connected Series 8 Black 90cm Induction Cooktop. Both appliances have an array of other functions aimed at enhancing your cooking experience.

Smart Fridges

Smart fridges are just beginning to make an entry into Australia. So far we have the Samsung range featuring Family Hub™ and the LG range featuring InstaView Door-In-Door®.

The Samsung Family Hub™ acts as a central family communication unit due to the kitchen being known as the hub of the home for many Australian families. This range of refrigerators offer so many features; shop online via the Woolworths Shopping App, see what's inside your fridge via your smart phone using built in cameras, sync calendars, memos, to-do lists and photos, stream music via built in speakers and connect with a number of useful apps aimed at making your life more organised. Another special feature is the bottom right fourth door. It's an adaptable space - fridge or freezer? Yours to choose depending on your needs.

The feature of the LG InstaView Door-In-Door® requires you to knock twice on the glass panel. It will become see-through allowing you to see inside without opening the door. By keeping the doors closed, the fridge retains its cooling therefore saving energy.

With a compatible smart phone you can also take advantage of LG's ThinQ™ technology. This allows you to remotely adjust the temperature of your fridge.

Multi-functional Tapware

Multi-function taps are not entirely new to the market but the innovation in tapware capabilities is advancing rapidly. I would say, this is definitely a product you will never turn away from if you have had one before. There are a range of manufacturers, some you may have heard of; Billi, Zip, Insinkerator Multitap ... Be sure to take into consideration your needs and wants here as on offer are combinations of boiling, chilled and sparkling water as well as the hardware presenting in a wide range of appealing shapes, sizes and finishes. With such a wide range of models presenting their own benefits and features, ensure you research which is best for your space.

New Release - February 2020

Being a very strong competitor for kitchen appliances in Australia, Miele will release its new 'Generation 7000' product range early in the new year. Overall there are 353 new appliance models, all with the latest in design features, technology and innovation. For the chef in your family, the new range of ovens, combinations ovens, steam ovens and cooktops is next level and sure to satisfy with their many special features.

The future in technology means there will be more possibilities to communicate with your kitchen appliances via your smart phone allowing greater control and organisation remotely. Perfect for the lifestyle of todays busy families.

Design focus is on the built-in kitchen creating seamless, clean lines and a step up in the aesthetics department. The expansive variety of customisable appliance options is making it easier for designers to choose suitable appliances for the space available. In saying this, optimum kitchen design will always begin with function and form focussing on the consumers needs and lifestyle.

With ever-changing industry developments, it just makes for exciting times ahead in kitchen design!

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