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This is where to begin your decorating project

Common problem - you'd like to redecorate but are unsure of where you should start. Let me tell you now, it's all in the planning.

First and foremost, decisions need to be made on colour schemes and themes. The elements of your vision will begin to come together once you lay them side by side.

This is where a 'mood board' is your new friend. Creating one will save time wasted on wondering if you are on the right track with your project.

Baby girls nursery mood board

A few things to think about ...

The mood/feel you want to convey in the space.

Is it going to be a room filled with ...

lighter/darker components, natural elements, fairly neutral tones, a particular colour, a mix of colours? The list goes on!

Home theatre mood board

Setting the mood

It's time to hunt and gather for your inspiration. I can highly recommend searching on Pinterest, Google, Instagram or visiting your favourite blog site for ideas.

What to look for

Colour palettes, patterns, textures, images of nature, fonts, lifestyle images, photography, design inspiration, written inspiration and a

hero or feature image.

Kitchen mood board

What platform should I use?

It comes down to which program you are most comfortable using. Simple boards can be done on Word or Pages. To get a little more creative in the layout use Powerpoint, Keynote or InDesign. There are also lots of applications available to help you with easy drag-and-drop interfaces.


Arranging your collection onto the page will assist in conveying your message. A larger scaled image can represent a more important element of the design whilst smaller images can back it up. Certain images should be placed side by side if they relate and maybe use the feature image as the anchor.

Some images may require captioning if you feel further communication is necessary.

Just play around a little until the composition feels right.

Home office mood board

You will soon discover when the elements and colours are displayed on the mood board whether they come together well and represent your vision.

Mood boards are also a great way to establish themes for parties, events, branding and product launches.

Your inspiration starts here!!

I hope these tips help you on your way to planning your perfect redecoration project.

Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction - that's what I'm here for!

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