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Sustainable Design

What is sustainability?

Sustainability, put simply, is the management and control of the depletion of the earths’ natural resources on a local and global scale.

Why is it so important to manage this?

In order to maintain a healthy environment and balanced social and economic systems for many, many years to come. This is detrimental to our health and the health of our planet.

How can I, as an Interior Designer, play my part in sustainability?

There are so many ways, but here are a few that I aim for;

Making energy-wise product choices - Much thought goes into the materials and products I choose for your projects. Think long-lasting LED downlights, comparing energy and water ratings on appliances, choosing made in Australia products, or even better, locally made …

Conserving resources - I check on the sustainability practices of the companies I buy from. Are they ethical and what processes do they have in place for the future of our environment?

Recycling of waste - Think demolition here! Consideration into the correct disposal of waste and recycling products and materials where possible.

Reduction of emissions - I will always choose a product (such as paint or stain) with low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) over one with VOC’s allowing for improved air quality.

Quality over quantity - One aim in the mind of an interior designer is to create a space that will last. This is again where our choice of products and materials is of great importance. We want a product to offer longevity meaning a better return for your investment. So this certainly doesn’t mean choosing the cheapest product, but looking more at its quality and how often it will need repair or maintenance. We will generally lean towards choosing natural, neutral colours over trending colours which are likely to come and go sooner. Longevity equals less landfill.

It’s so important to play our part right now, every day, in every choice!

Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction with your next project. That's what I'm here for!

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