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Styling Up a Kids Bedroom

Your childs' bedroom is their haven, their safe place where they can just 'be'. It must cater for their needs and essentially are a place to sleep/relax, a place to do homework or get creative, a place to play and a place for storage of clothes, toys and other special belongings.

So what are the main things to consider when styling a childs' bedroom...

Think Ahead

Childs decorated bedroom with desk

I've never heard anyone say 'don't they grow up so slow' EVER! Yes, your child is growing up pretty fast, so a key consideration is keeping the theme age-appropriate. Something they are a big fan of now, may not be the case in a year or so. Aim to have your styled room stick around for 3-5 years. If they're on the verge of starting school, or becoming a teenager, keep this in mind and do a little planning for the coming years. Keep large ticket items and more permanent decorative features fairly neutral. You're aiming for longevity here. Investing in an expensive princess bed with all the trimmings may not be so cool in two years time. Your furnishings are the foundations of the room and need to offer a function rather than be the actual theme of the room.

Colourful cushions in bedroom

Colour Themes

Keep colour themes fairly muted on walls but add favourite pops of colour in soft furnishings like curtains, blinds, cushions, bedding and rugs. These are more easily replaced at less expense if a favourite phase passes by. There are a lot of fun options for decorating kids rooms available these days. I particularly love Adairs Kids and Pottery Barn Kids for the cutest decorator pieces. Layer up the bedding to create cosy comfort for your child.

Child reading and doing homework

Work Space

Consider a desk or creative work/play space that is age-appropriate moving forward. Maybe it's a mini chair and table for creative play or a more serious homework desk with stationery storage for your teen. What equipment will they require for their tasks and where will it belong? Maybe add some wall-hung art for inspiration or shelves for special collectibles to be seen and admired. Ensure it's comfortable, well-lit and has windows nearby that open for fresh air.

Storage for bedroom and nursery


Toys will come and go, as will clothing of all sizes. Invest in functional storage options that your child will happily use and that are practical for your child to use. Yes, it can be a huge challenge teaching your child to put away after themselves but one worth sticking at. Keep the storage uncluttered by doing regular clean-outs. Involve your child by donating to your local op shop or think of a friend or family member who would appreciate some hand-me-downs. Help your child remember where things go by labelling the storage or add wheels to a large bin or basket for quick and easy solutions.

Child relaxing in decorated room

Children flourish in environments offering sensory stimulation. Keep it exciting for them by introducing a variety of textures, patterns, shapes and lighting.

I start my kids room consultations off with a fun and simple questionnaire for the child. We establish likes, dislikes, favourite colours, favourite themes/tv shows, hobbies, etc as well as what they would like to use their room for (other than sleeping!)

This is their sanctuary and place of comfort and will be their favourite place to relax and just be in their world.

I have new package deals for styling up kids bedrooms, so send an enquiry now for more information.

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