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My Take on Trends for 2020

Just as much as I love learning about what's trending for the new year, it's a designers' prerogative to avoid trends as we know they will come and go. Nevertheless, truth be told, some of them may be destined to stick around long enough before they require an upgrade. It's also a thrill for me to see past trends revisit in a new and modern way ~ so much love here for mid-century design ... takes me back to my childhood days. Let's take a look at a few trends for 2020 ...

Colour of the year

Colour Trends

The year began for me with the launch of 'Colour of the Year' from Pantone®. This years colour is Classic Blue. Designers all around the world rely on Pantone® products and services to achieve colour consistency across various materials and finishes relating to graphics, fashion and product design. As an interior designer, I look at colour as a way of setting a mood within a space. That's where colour psychology plays its part. In this instance, blue is a calming colour promoting feelings of peace and tranquility. If you follow my instagram, you will see I've recently shared my love of a moody blue kitchen. It's definitely on trend to be a little more daring in the kitchen with pops of colour added to cabinetry.

That being said, there is not just one colour hitting the mark at the moment. Colour trend reporting is suggesting we'll be seeing a rise in all shades yellow incorporating another trend for 2020, 'playful design'. No surprises, yellow is a warm, cheerful colour, always ready to brighten up your day. I'm a big fan of the Dulux® Colour Forecast, so be sure to check out the Dulux® website every now and then, particularly if you are planning a redecoration.

Multi-functional Furniture and Spaces

The need for flexible spaces and products which offer more than one use is becoming increasingly important. Think apartment living or smaller office size due to high rent. As well as practicality and functionality, we want value for money and we want it to last. We are seeing more modular sofas offering flexible orientations, built-in furniture as a space-saver, interlocking furniture, the list goes on. Designs are becoming more customisable able to meet different needs, tastes and personalities. The ability to adapt items into varied combinations from room to room ensures sustainability and longevity of a product. Just take a look at IKEA® for a good example of flexible, multi-use furniture as they are so well-known for their innovative and affordable space-saving ranges.

Natural materials

Natural Materials

They are here to stay for 2020! (Insert big smiley face).

As we look to the future with consideration for eco-friendly and sustainable products, our choices for all things natural and organic are becoming ever-more popular. Think timber, earthenware, terracotta, rattan, cane, linen, wool, cotton, bamboo, seagrass, hemp, etc. We'll be decorating with products which boast tactile/textural qualities and interesting, organic shapes in our furniture, decor and lighting. An essential here is greenery - any kind. If not the plant kind, choose decorative foliage, fake or in picture form. I can highly recommend living indoor plants purely for the benefits they add to air quality.

Smart Furniture

You need only browse your IKEA® catalogue again to find a selection of smart lighting, lamps with wifi speakers and a lamp incorporating a wireless charging station. Home automation systems are on the improve year after year with many devices and systems available. What about smart furniture? Miliboo has recently released the worlds first smart sofa. It connects to several technologies and has built-in speakers, sub-woofer, vibration and wireless device charging (just to name a few) - there is no escaping the gadgetry here! It's all about giving a 4D experience from the comfort of your own home. Like it or not, new technologies for the home are evolving at a rapid rate.

Finally, you can be assured that upcycling and restoring your old items of furniture is still incredibly popular due to the possibilities lying in its uniqueness, beauty and imperfect perfection. Reclaim that old solid timber sideboard and give it a freshen up. Chances are it'll be around for years to come due to the craftsmanship and quality of the original piece.

These are simply just a few trending items from a wide array of what's in store. As an interior designer, it's always exciting to reflect on what we see on display at the design shows, particularly Milan Design Week 2020 in April. I shall keep you posted!

I hope this information helps you on your way to bringing your space to life.

Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction - that's what I'm here for!

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