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My response to the latest colour trend alert

Why am I loving the latest colour palette release from Pantone.com?

One word, nature!

Kingscliff Interior Designer
Add foliage to your space

As an eco interior designer I'm always looking for ways I can blend my creations with nature. This might involve using raw materials and fibres, bringing greenery indoors, applying textures, organic shapes and colours which resemble nature or simply melding the indoors with the outdoors to create a cohesive flow between the two.

Nature for inspiration
Patterns of nature

Using nature as a source of inspiration in design makes absolute sense ... not only for the incredible array of colour provided but also for the intricacies in the structure, shape, texture and patterns. These elements combined can stir emotions and offer tranquility, calmness, warmth and harmony within your space.

How do I incorporate colour into my home?

I love to bring colour in with accessories. Start with a statement rug and/or artwork, then choose two or three colours from these to add soft furnishings to your space. Don't forget, always add plants or flowers to soften and bring the outdoors in.

What's your favourite Pantone colour from the palette? Mine is Apple Green (what a delicious hue!) followed closely by Woodbine.

Feel free to contact me if you need help to bring colour and nature into your space - that's what I'm here for!

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