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My favourite bathroom tile layouts

Gone are the days where a bathroom was just a 'work zone' ... a space only large enough for what was needed, hence the name WC 'water closet'. These days, our bathrooms are considered more of a sanctuary and we want our surroundings for be spa-like with elements of luxury, opulence and a few state-of-the-art innovations thrown in.

Today we'll talk about one particular element which can make or break the design of your bathroom and that's the choice of tile layouts.

We are lucky to live in a time where the selection of tiles is incredibly vast with a tile to suit all occasions. Here are a few of my absolute favourite tile layouts right now ...

Vertical straight lay

This classy yet simple layout with a rectangular-shaped tile forms a grid pattern and elongates the space vertically making the walls seem taller. A straight lay is definitely a very modern, versatile option.

Herringbone pattern

This layout is a v-shaped pattern either on a 45º angle or like this image with no angle applied. Laying on an angle is a more classic formation and resembles a set of arrows or triangles, whilst the latter appears to give off a modern twist which I'm finding very appealing.

Chevron tile
Chevron pattern

Chevron pattern

The chevron pattern is somewhat similar to the herringbone in that an arrow or triangle pattern is created, yet the tiles butt up end-to-end to form a 45º angle. You could play around here and alternate colours for a bolder choice or keep the classic look with, say, a marble effect tile.

Random geometric pattern

Perfect if you have a larger space to play with, the design patterns here are endless. Play with different geometric shapes or introduce an array of colours to be more creative and make a statement.

Your own personality on display

Choose from an array of bespoke tiles specifically designed for unique pattern layouts. This will add the wow! factor to your bathroom and an individual style you don't see every day ... get creative!

I hope these suggestions help you on your way to planning the design of your new bathroom.

Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction, that's what I'm here for!

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