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Five Key Design Elements of a Tiny Kitchen

Updated: May 1, 2019

What design essentials do you need to consider when you are faced with a smaller than desired space for your kitchen?

Kitchen storage
Kitchen shelving

Storage ...

A key feature of any kitchen will always be functionality and ease-of-use. Tiny kitchen design must optimise storage options to make this possible. Bench space will be at a minimum so it's essential to keep it clutter-free by giving everything a home. Build up and utilise the wall space with open shelving or cabinetry right up to the ceiling.

Keep it light ...

By this I'm talking about keeping it light in more than one way. 1. Embrace any natural light entering the space. If there's not enough, maybe consider a skylight. 2. Choose lighter colour schemes. White will always work here as well as lighter colours or woodgrains to add interest and character. 3. Install task lighting in any dark corners.

Consider small-sized appliances ...

From kitchen sinks to ovens and cooktops, you will have no trouble finding a small-scale version to fit your space. You don't necessarily have to forego the dishwasher either, just be smart about the size. Bosch have two compact size models to choose from https://www.bosch-home.com.au/productlist/dishwashers/modular-dishwashers and Fisher & Paykel do a compact sized DishDrawer™ https://www.fisherpaykel.com/au/kitchen/dishwashing/dishdrawer.html Prioritise your

needs and it's quite possible you may not have

to sacrifice any of them.

Bench-top dining
Built-in dining

Incorporate a dining area ...

We are already tackling a tiny kitchen so this may not be possible. If space allows, incorporating a dining zone may mean you can borrow space from what normally would've been an allocated dining area. Combine the two together if it maximises the space and generates a user-friendly zone.

Pull-out pantry
Pull-out drawers

Consider the smaller details ...

Finally, hone in on design elements which will give back in practicality. Install a pull-out pantry when space is tight making items at the back easier to reach. For the same reason, install drawers for convenience, even under the kitchen sink to utilise every inch of space where possible. Ensure doors and drawers have integrated handles. Handleless cabinets will give clean lines throughout and you will avoid inconveniences like catching your clothes or bumping into protruding handles.

A kitchen designer will help you create an amazing kitchen by taking into consideration these five key design elements.

I hope these tips help you on your way to designing your dream, tiny kitchen.

Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction - that's what I'm here for!

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