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Choosing the Perfect Pendant Light

Whilst hunting down the perfect pendant light for a client I thought I'd share my process of how I choose the right one for your space...

Pendant light threesome
  1. Consider the size of the space ... the larger the space, the larger the pendant or pendant clusters can be. Size and scale matter.

  2. Is there a function the lighting needs to perform or is it more of an aesthetic style or decorative feature required? For instance, task lighting may be required above an island bench. Always consider what other lighting is in the space to determine your function.

Pendant light cluster

3. Working with multiple zones? For instance, a large, open plan space with several zones can have matching pendants uniting the space or contrasting pendants defining separate zones. Be careful here ... more than two different styles may be considered over-the-top or look more like a lighting showroom. Stick to two styles at a maximum, with one being simple and one being more of a standout feature. Don't let them compete.

4. What height will your pendant hang? Are there any obstructions to consider? Are the ceilings high or low? Is it mounted above a bench or table? The last thing you want is to be knocked out every time you leave the dining table!

Colourful hanging pendant lights

5. Lastly, consider the material finish and the aesthetic style you're after. Take into account any themes throughout your home, whether you are after a warm or cool feel, relaxed or cutting-edge modern. There's always a pendant light out there waiting to make a statement in your home.

I hope these tips help you on your way to #bringyourspacetolife.

Got a project? Need help moving in the right direction? Give me a call - that's what I'm here for!

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