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Artwork - we help you choose the right piece for your space

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Gallery walls can display your personal style

Purchasing artwork for a space can be quite a daunting task...

It's not something we do often, particularly if we are investing. Artwork should be one of the first items purchased for a space - all decor choices will follow on from here. We give you steps to follow in order to help you choose the right piece for your space.

Who will be using the space?

Firstly, the style and theme of the piece is a very personal decision. Aim only to please yourself - that is, if you are the one who will be using the space. If you are decorating say a holiday home, you need to examine carefully the feel you want the space to convey. You're aiming for visual satisfaction and cohesiveness.

What style of art?

The choices here are vast ... canvas, print or gallery wall? Not to mention clocks, sculptures, mirrors, wall hangings and animal taxidermy. A combination of these in a larger space maybe? Ask yourself a few questions based around the theme of the space; is the space considered casual or formal? Darker tones may convey a moody, formal feel while lighter tones may feel relaxing and casual. Hence, colours and textures can dictate such elements as the warmth or coolness of a space. Are there certain interests to cater for? Do you find inspiration in the local area and want to flaunt that in some way? Are you wanting to add interest to a somewhat neutral space by adding a touch of colour? What colours will work? To gain a cohesive look, pick certain colours from the artwork and use them in accessories within the room. It just takes a little thought to pull it all together.

What size should the art be?

A guideline here is the artwork should take up roughly 4/7 of the selected space. Beware of overcrowding. This will tend to make the space feel smaller and a little too busy. On the contrary, if you have a large wall you will need to consider whether one large piece will be proportionate.

Selecting an artist...

If you take no particular fancy in a certain artist, take a look in your local area. Galleries, homewares stores, sometimes even cafes have local art on consignment. You may even snap up a bargain from a local artist trying to break into the market. I can tell you now, they love the local community taking an interest in their art. Which brings me to the last step ...

Does it have meaning?

All artwork has a feeling or meaning behind it, sometimes this isn't so evident at first. It's a great idea to talk to the artist to find out their inspiration but you can also draw your own feelings from a piece. What mood does it convey for you? What feelings does it stir in you? Once again, it's all very personal but you will know when you find the right piece.

I hope these tips help you on your way to choosing the right piece of artwork for your space.

Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction - that's what I'm here for!

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