Beachside Kingscliff

July 2021

First impressions of this home had me thinking location - Wow!, size - Wow! and an abundance of natural light streaming in - Wow! So many outstanding features already! This luxury beachside holiday home required an overall refresh of decor in all areas of the home. The aim of this project was to level up each space adding layers of interest and excitement whilst maintaining a comfortable and relaxing haven for holidaymakers to enjoy. We were able to re-use plenty of existing furniture pieces, melding the old with new in each new concept design.  We hit the brief by bringing in some vibrant colour mixes as well as being sure to maintain muted colour palettes in the right areas creating calming, cohesive spaces. Furnishings and decor have been inspired by nature and the surrounding beachside environment.

Mood_Concepts Malibu console concept.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu bedroom.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu dining.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu bedroom twin.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu master suite.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu parents retreat.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu parents outdoor.png
Mood_Concepts Malibu bathroom.png