Bardon Property Styling

November 2017

This traditional Queenslander style home required a refresh before going on the market.  The owners set about painting the interior, some areas of the exterior, sanding and polishing the floorboards and a few maintenance fix ups here and there.  Their newly purchased home was ready to move into allowing me to work with a blank canvas in decorating the home for sale.  I could feel the warmth and potential ambience already in this well-crafted family home - now to bring it to life! 

When styling a home for sale, it's important to appeal to the target market - who will be interested in buying your home?  How will they want to live in this home?  Utilising every single corner of the home and transforming it into something comfortable, functional, versatile and aesthetically pleasing will allow the buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.  They can see first hand how they would use each space.


When we were getting ready to sell our house we knew we needed some help to get it ready for open houses.  Sharyn from CovECO was fantastic in terms of explaining her styling process and recommending what needed to be done to transform the house into a home with maximum appeal for the buyer demographic and market conditions.  She was great with her colour palettes, furniture selections and placement decisions as well as the countless little details.  Sometimes I wish we had asked for her help before deciding to move as she showed us, through her styling, how we could have been using the spaces much more effectively!  She has great ideas, is up to date on what’s trending and is very easy to communicate with.  Sharyn is one of the most reliable people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I definitely recommend her.


 ~ Cindy ~

empress 155 dining 3.jpg